Welcome to Vignana Jyothi Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Catalyst in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial community in translating ideas from the academic and industry research, into commercializable and socially beneficial products.

  • Facilitates incubation of new start-up’s / enterprises with innovative technologies

  • Provides infrastructure, technical, product engineering, networking support, seed capital and other services for the start-up’s to be successful and be independent.

  • Participation also include external start-up’s which have strong social and strategic impact.


  • Our Mission

    Facilitate incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies & cutting edge industry research by admitting them in the incubator. Provide them physical, technical and networking supports / services. Business incubation programs are designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services offered both by the incubator and through its network

  • Catalyst

    We have state of the art building area spread at both the engineering college campus and management college campus within the same premise. This gives us an unique advantage in connecting technology and business within the same premise.

  • BOD

      1. Dr. D.Nageswara Rao, President Vignana Jyothi.

      2. Sri B.Sarath Gopal, General Secretary, Vignana Jyothi.

      3. Dr. A.S.Rao, Director Center for Project Mobilzation and Globalization, VNRVJIET.

  • Entrepreneurial Excellence

    Vignana Jyothi Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence is a non profit organization registered as Section 8 company with ROC Hyderabad on 26 July 2017. And we are operating with a brand name of VJ-HUB.


We make great things

A technology and business incubator with a goal to produce successful firms that will leave the incubator financially viable and freestanding. VJHUB also encourages participation from external start-up’s which have strong social and strategic impact.


We are happy to say “Salcit Technologies” and "Solbots" are added to our list of startup’s at VJ-HUB in Sep 2017

Salcit Technologies is developing digital health advisory system for Chronic Respiratory Diseases. Solbots is developing Semi automated prosthetic hand.

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